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About Gaffaw India

Welcome to Gaffaw India, a proud subsidiary of Iron Fashion Ecommerce Pvt Ltd. We are on a mission to revolutionize the beauty industry by connecting eco-conscious consumers with the finest eco-friendly and vegan cosmetic Brands/Products. We are more than just a platform; we are a movement towards a brighter, greener, and more beautiful future.

Our Vision


At Gaffaw India, we envision a world where beauty isn't just skin deep; it's about the choices we make that reflect our values and respect for our planet. Our mission is to make sustainable and cruelty-free beauty accessible to everyone, fostering a global community that chooses beauty products aligned with ethics and sustainability.


Our Commitment to Sustainability


We believe in walking the talk when it comes to sustainability. Our commitment goes beyond offering eco-friendly and vegan cosmetics




Collective experience of our team members and the years we have spent in the business allowed us to develop a vast network of suppliers, ensuring that our customers will always find what they are looking for.


You receive your product on time regardless of your location. Conditions applied.

Offers & Discounts

We are in collaboration with among
the finest brands all around the whole India

100% Plant Based & Natural Ingredients

Our tools are designed based on the best e-commerce experience for both sellers 


Gaffaw India


Diverse Range: Explore a wide selection of eco-friendly and vegan cosmetics, from skincare to makeup, ensuring you find products that suit your unique beauty needs.
Supporting Ethical Brands: By shopping with us, you support ethical brands that prioritize cruelty-free practices, sustainable sourcing, and minimal environmental impact.

Gaffaw India CSR 


In addition to our efforts in creating awareness for a trash-free Bangalore, we are actively engaging with the respective Government Bodies to secure their support in waste segregation initiatives. Furthermore, we are also collaborating with NGOs and the government to improve the cleanliness of lakes and other river bodies, ensuring they remain pristine and pollution-free. We are committed to working towards pothole-free roads and providing support to government educational institutions as part of our dedication to a cleaner and greener environment.

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